Friday, June 20, 2014

in which i introduce myself for the tenth time

Hey, I'm Briana Lagos. I've been well acquainted with blogging and have been an avid blogger since I was 14 years old in fact. But of course, as any right-minded young adult, I took the old me down (I still read back on posts, cringing at my past self's ideology).

I'm new and improved, but I don't think I'll be blogging as frequently as I used to. I could never grasp how to blog correctly—I either went too personal or ranted on about things I knew no one cared to read. Truth be told, infrequent blogging is the safest bet for me. Although I'm very active on Twitter, so if you wanna get in my life hit me up on there (I also delete a lot of tweets, cringing at past self from three hours ago).

I'm a writer, well, an author. I'm the chick that wrote Criminal Offence :X, which—let's not lie—is a super emo love story. I wrote it all in the tenth grade during my first Nanowrimo, so I do cringe at it a little. I edited it the best I could just recently, but there are still mistakes within the final text. Sorry folks.

Over the course of re-reading it, I learned to be proud of that dumb book. It made me realize I freakin' love to write and feedback has been overall well (someone told me I've got talent, thanks--you're sweet). After that book, I've written four others, that's right. Four. I've got plans for another and one's got a sequel (just a sequel, no book series for me). Problem is they're all incompletes (except one). I've got a nasty habit of leaving things undone.

If you read my first novel and liked it, I want to take this moment to say thank you! You reading it means that all my efforts in writing were worth it. If you didn't like it, that's fine. I wonder if I like it much either, most days. I'm still working on my writing style and trying to find the right voice I want to convey in future novels. And characters, characters are super important to me.

Stick with me if you want. And talk to me if you want too! That's it for this introduction. :)

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