Thursday, December 31, 2020

2021 GOALS

 Hello there!

 2020 has been quite the year, am I right? I know I am. Moving on. 

 As always, when another year comes to a close I start thinking about goals to better myself in the coming year. So far, these past years I come up not that great. I tend to get overwhelmed with what I have to do that I fall into a routine of dreaming rather than doing. Chalk it up to chronic laziness too, I always mentally check out after work. And I’m doing minimal, at best.

So what do I hope for next year...?

PATIENCE : I’ve lost it, yet I demand it from others. It truly is that much harder to be patient these days with most things at your fingertips. Patience is a good thing. It leads to understanding and and compassion if done right. And I’ve lost touch with both of these feelings.

HEALTH : Trying to be more conscious what I intake as well as exercise. Take my dogs out for more walks. And visit the gym. But my real focus will be on bettering my body rather than obsessing with my weight, which will get me nowhere except more frustrated with not being exactly where I want to be. I recently acquired a FitBit and so its been very helpful these days with tracking my movements and sleep.  

HOBBIES : Writing, where did you go? Oh, that’s right I’ve just been neglecting you. I say this every year but hopefully it rings true. I want to focus on writing. I don’t to feel overwhelmed by my work, I want to enjoy it again. I’ve been enjoying my plant life so I want to keep this up as well. Definitely would like to do more puzzles too. 

ENVY : I want to kill this feeling because it is slowly taking over my life. I know it has much to do with my personal insecurities and I just want to shake it off and move on.  I haven’t been honest and pretending to play it off cool is not benefiting myself. This is going to be a long process but I am I’ve got to start somewhere.

Overall, I want to fight the urge to do nothing. I always feel bad when the time goes by in my day and all I have to say I’ve accomplished is going to work and watching old TV shows on repeat. I want to live more active than passive. Even with all that happened this year, I want to continue looking forward to a future. 

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