Sunday, January 31, 2021

New Book Annoucement!

 I have become a pretty angry person lately. Given the field of work I’m in and the state of the world, I feel a bit justified in this response. I certainly been trying to channel my energy into better things knowing that your state of mind impacts your overall health. Even using this energy to create something more beneficial for myself and maybe the world? I can say I had an interesting main character come out of this pandemic, that's for sure.

However, I wanted to put something out there for the longest time since I self-published Criminal Offence :X. I'm still in this work-in-progress purgatory for a majority of my novels and it feels like there is no end is sight. I just need to kick my ass into gear, honestly, but that's a discussion for another day. 

Here is the exciting news: on March 22nd, 2021, I will have a new book released! I won't say too much yet but more details will be revealed in a following post. This has  been a long-time coming. It has been over 10 years so I can gladly say that my writing style has improved, even if I have barley been writing the past couple of years. I'd like to thank college for this improvement (at least I'd like to tell myself that).  Really though, thank you to all that have read my first and only novel out there. I do hope that you'll enjoy my new work soon. (:

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