Monday, March 15, 2021

Cola & Night of Revelation

Excited to announce my short story collection, Cola & Night of Revelation, will be out next Monday, 3/22/21! I have definitely been wanting publish these pieces for a while! Here’s some details:

Cola: Cola knows to be fortunate for the opportunities she's been given being able to take on college courses while still in high school, but she can't shake the feeling she's not doing good enough. Alton has his own issues to handle and a secret kept hidden within childish treats. The moments shared between these two allow them new perspectives that help further along their own individual growth.

Night of Revelation: Tonight Quinn plans to confess her romantic feelings to Milton, a high school senior that most underclassmen adored. However, Carmen doubts any good to come from this tactic and hopes Quinn will change her mind by the time of her party. As the night rolls on, unplanned occurrences from other party-goers, including Quinn's long-time friends Lonnie and Barney, arise when other emotions are exposed. As these secrets come to flourish throughout the evening, the truth becomes quite crushing.

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