Sunday, October 31, 2021


I must confess, my writing has been inconsistent these past couple of years. I have not been attentive to it like I should be. Life has been overwhelming, but whose life isn't? We are all here
did not ask to be hereand are trying our best. That's just the kind of headspace I'm in these days. 

Still, every year I try my hand at Nanowrimo (add me!) and hope to find my story along the way. This story I've been working on has been on the roster for a while and I've just starting breaking grounds on the plot. There's been a lot of changes from the original idea and now it's kind of a revamp from my Nano 2010 project with characters coming back and some similar structure. Been working on the outline, so far skeleton all the way down.

Speaking of which, in honor of Halloween my husband made a song! I did put a little bit of my creative input, but he's got the skills when it comes to making music. So put on some headphones or blast the speakers, the ambient sounds will take you on a spooky adventure.


"Train on the way to something unexpected. A party out of sorts and uncertain feelings.

Walking around, tuning stations, there is a bright light from the sky.

Gone in seconds and no one can reach you anymore."

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